"The American-German Business Club is a unique platform for expats and international families living in Bonn. We organize meetings with speakers from many professions and with diverse backgrounds. Events are always held in different interesting locations and sometimes in cooperation with other international organizations. They are a great way to meet new people and to foster cross-cultural relationships. Our members represent commercial, political, cultural, educational and legal professions. I see AGBC as a gateway to business life in Bonn. We welcome new members who wish to take a more active role in expanding their personal network and intercultural understanding"

André Panné, President AGBC Bonn e.V.

The roots of the American German Business Club go back to Bonn in the 1960s, the capital of a new Federal Republic of Germany. A major impetus to form a US – German business club began ...read more

Board members:

President: André Panné

Vice-President: Stephen Strittmatter

Treasurer: Edward B. Robertson

Secretary: Holly Wesener

Honorary members:

Mr. Walter Bawell

Mr. Roman Singer

Ms. Regina Castello

Mr. Keith Castello

Dr. Martina Timmermann

Mr. Uwe Twelker

Ms. Alix Luisa von Uhde