Agnes Cserhati / Let's Talk Business

It was great to see such a great turnout for our event devoted to the art of digital leadership, innovation and strategy. Agnes is a highly sought after and internationally recognized Professional Coach, Mentor, Speaker and Trainer with a genuine passion for leadership, strategy, design thinking and the entrepreneurial mindset. She has significant expertise and 26 years of experience working with successful executives, leaders and entrepreneurs all over the world. Agnes Cserhati is regularly featured in media via Forbes, BBC, The Guardian and Virgin Entrepreneurs. Agnes Cserhati is the founder of AC PowerCoaching.

Agnes shared with us her experience, expertise and wisdom on the thing in business with a particular focus on digital leadership, innovation and strategy. She also reflected her journey from a "Communist Entrepreneur" to a Power Coach and provided us with some fascinating insight into what corporate and entrepreneurial success means in today's internationally competitive world.

Thank you to the Digital Hub Bonn for hosting us. We hope everyone enjoyed the evening.

photo credit: Simon Hecht

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