"The Growth of Silicon Beach – The New Tech-Economy in LA" with Dr. David Y. Choi

On October 16th, AIB - Akademie für Internationale Bildung in association with AGBC Bonn organized the lecture by Dr. David Y. Choi, Professor of Entrepreneurship at LMU, LA. The event took place at Oxfordhaus, a beautiful old building in the heart of Bonn.

The topic of the evening was "The Growth of Silicon Beach – The New Tech-Economy in Los Angeles”. Dr. David Y. Choi began by anticipating the question how does the LMU Entrepreneurship program differ from the others and what its students actually do during their years of education? The underlying theme of the talk was: What is an entrepreneurial mindset and what entrepreneurship itself actually is?

Every statement was followed by numbers or an example. Not only the start-ups of LMU-students but also Big-name tech companies such as Google, Yahoo!, YouTube and SpaceX have opened offices in a greater LA area now called the “Silicon Beach”. Start-ups like Snap, Tinder, Whisper, and The Honest Company have been sprawling like mushrooms. Los Angeles is obviously entering a new age. What makes a place successful, how and why does the “Silicon Beach” differ from the “Silicon Valley”? Those who were there with us now know the answer.

Here are few pictures that can only hint at the atmosphere of the evening. Professor Choi's interesting talk and the active discussion that followed kept every participant engaged.

We want to thank Dr. David Y. Choi and our partner - AIB, Bonn for making this event happen!

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