Let's Talk Business: Andy Abel: Video Killed the Radio Star. And How Radio Returned with Digitiz

Mr. Andy Abel, Head of Digital at the RPR Radio Network was the speaker for AGBC's English-language business & networking event on March 16th.

With new multi-channel, multi-device consumer behavior becoming reality, the "old" radio station is experiencing a new revival. Mr. Abel talked about the most recent upswing of radio entertainment as a result of digitization, particularly social media and the internet. Apps, for example, have made it possible for listeners to identify songs on the radio and for stations to interact with listeners through new social and content features.

The Event was a great chance to learn and discuss the insights into the social, cultural and business development of today. Our event took place at Konrard's Restaurant on top of the Marriott hotel in Bonn.

photo credit: Simon Hecht

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