WhatYaDoin? // Henning Kaseler: "The revolution begins with a charge... The future of mobility

The first meeting of AGBC Bonn club this year started with a welcome our President, Mr André Panné, who together with VP Marketing, Agnes Cserhati, presented the Club's programm and plans of 2018.

"WhatYaDoin?" format of the AGBC events is less of a formal presentation but more of an interview and conversational style format. This time Mr Kaseler provided us with a fascinating insight into the car industry's present and future.

The car industry needs to adapt to modern technologies, to new regulations but also the user needs to adapt to a new way of personal traveling. We are currently experiencing a change in technology that seems easy to handle but needs a change of behavior just like 100 Years ago when we changed from horse carriages to cars. With a topic "The revolution begins with a charge... The future of mobility is now" we learned how a leading car manufacturer like BMW is using the new technologies and how we all need to open ourselves up for new options for our daily commute.

After graduating from marketing college in Cologne Henning Kaseler worked in advertising several years for customers like Renault and Opel. From 2004 till 2016 he worked for Germanwings. After 13 years in the airline business he returned to the automotive industry and currently is a sales representative for BMW in Cologne. He is especially responsible for the BMW iPerformance all electric and hybrid models.

We want to thank all our guests who joined us for this event on the bank of the Rhein.

photo credit: Simon Hecht

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