AGBC Expert talk // Rolf Heeb, CEO AIMS International Germany: „War for Talents“

AGBC Bonn was delighted to welcome Rolf Heeb, CEO AIMS International Germany and a former President of AIMS International Global, one of the largest executive search firms word-wide, as a keynote speaker at its latest event on May 9, 2019. The event took place at the ‘Senat der Wirtschaft’, and we were privileged to have Dr. Christoph Brüssel, Board member of the Senat der Wirtschaft Bonn, to open the evening’s AGBC Bonn Expert Talk.

Mr. Heeb has provided the audience with a fascinating overview of his perspective of ‘the war for talents’. As a CEO of an international executive search firm, and with decades of experience in the recruiting industry, Mr. Heeb has a great insight into this complex topic. He stated: ‘The „War for Talents“ is not what we can expect in the future, it exists already for some time. Germany is a market which is even more impacted than other countries. The next years will become worse. There are a number of reasons for it. The impact on candidate expectations, employer branding, and organizational changes will be addressed. This topic is a challenge for growing companies and a chance for every individual in the labor market looking for new professional opportunities.’

The audience has appreciated the interactive nature of the talk, which was followed by networking alongside some snacks and drinks. Thank you to all who attended and participated in the discussion, for the Senat der Wirtschaft for hosting us, Mr. Heeb for his professional presentation, and Dr. Brüssel for the introduction to the Senat's work.

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